Our Purpose

Our country’s economic wealth has exploded during the past 50 years. In an economy of plenty, few look to God to have their needs met. But today, the economic bubble has burst and now this generation needs a Relevant and Living God more than ever.

Current research indicates seven sources that most influence people: movies, television, music, family, books, law, and the internet. That same research concludes the local church has virtually no discernable influence on the majority of people’s lives.

Family remains the strongest influence for teaching about God. However, statistics say 50% of first marriages end in divorce and 37% of children grow up without both parents. Stressed families are losing the ability to intervene.

Today, almost 100 million Americans, or one in three, are unchurched and all of us are influenced daily by a culture that wants to entertain us, not enrich and enlighten us. Our time is flooded with inconsequential choices that distract us from finding out about God.

If people are not seeking God through the church and families are under attack and cannot effectively intervene, what is the likely result?
In just one generation, even more will be unchurched. In two generations? Or more? Where will we as a people end? Demoralized. Fractured. Alone. Lost.

What can we do to help the Lost make the right choices to save their eternal lives?

We’re Building a Solution, and We’re Starting NOW!
We’re bringing a Relevant and Living God to humanity by building a world renown entertainment center in Branson, Missouri that creatively depicts the life changing story of Jesus Christ to spiritually motivate and personally transform all visitors.

We’re creating an engaging Disney-like family friendly production for entertainment and education centered on a first class multimedia and sensory experience. Targeted to family and children, Bible Alive will be the best experience in Branson and the “hottest ticket” in town!

We’re raising an Architectural Wonderment rivaling the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Archway to the West. A single day’s journey for over 80 million people, The Cross will showcase a 20 story venue towering over the panoramic Heartland of America.

We’re uniting behind our belief that Christ’s message of Hope and Love was given freely as God’s gift. Images’ message is also a free gift -- no-cost to enter, be entertained, and to experience a Relevant and Living God. No financial bars to being encouraged, motivated, and transformed by Love.

How Can “I” Be a Part of the Solution?
1.  As Christians, we are all chosen and entrusted with a special responsibility and duty of love by God.  Images asks for your consistent and continuing prayer on behalf of all of your Christian brothers and sisters everywhere.  We also ask you to pray specifically and consistently for Images at the Cross as an organization and all of those working to further the Great Commission, that we may be true to biblical teaching and always encouraging of humanity in our efforts on behalf of God‘s Kingdom.  Please take this opportunity to become an Images at the Cross Supporter.  It is free, and it will allow us to encourage you and keep you up to date on Images progress.

2. Your financial support is needed to launch this much needed ministry and make it and its life giving message cost-free to all. Please consider financially supporting Images at the Cross in the effort to lift up God, rejuvenate America, and help millions of people experience His grace.  Images at the Cross is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. Your donations are tax deductible and also qualify for recognition both on our Recognition Page and at the actual site of the Images Cross.  Please consider a simple reoccurring monthly gift of $10 or $20 as an investment in the Body of Christ, and a tangible yet achievable challenge reminding us each month to prioritize our lives and Seek the Kingdom first.  Matthew 6:33